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Excited about Edmodo

I’ve never used Edmodo in the classroom before. At my previous school I used Moodle heavily, but lately it just looks too ugly for me to stomach. That does seem silly to me on some level, since I’m familiar with it, I’ve got a ton of materials already uploaded to it, and my current school is enthusiastically encouraging us to use it as well.

Why is it that when the administration really wants me to do something, I find myself yearning to do something else?

But I also think that the way the site looks plays a huge role in how effective it is. It’ll only be effective if the kids want to use it. And they’ll only want to use it if it’s not ugly. That’s the logic I’m working with. And the logic that Edmodo seems to be working with is: make this thing look like Facebook. I like that idea. And I like knowing that it’s a completely safe community, geared toward classroom use. I know plenty of teachers have facebook groups with separate teacher-identities, but that whole thing makes me nervous. And I don’t even work in Missouri.

I’m also really excited about the ability to create badges to award my students. I hope I follow through with that.

Apparently they’ve got 2.5 million users now. And I’m about to add 120 more.


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