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ClassConnect looks neat

I just came across ClassConnect through this list (in Wired Academic) of 10 startups that won seed money from Imagine K12. Wired Academic describes it as “DropBox for education, on steroids.”

Check out the video:

It looks like another exciting and utterly practical tool to me. Audrey Waters (Hack Education) did a great job articulating what’s especially exciting about it in the context of the other Learning Management Systems (LMS) out there. She points to the founder’s motivation – engagement – as the thing that might set this apart.

“The emphasis is instead on a course’s content, rather than on its administration.” Read her whole post here.

She pretty much covers it, and I won’t repeat what she said. But I do think that the feature allowing teacher and student to look at the “Live Lecture” together in real time is very exciting for anyone teaching in a 1:1 school.

For my part, I feel like I have to stick with Edmodo this year. Edmodo does let me upload documents to a library and share them with my class very easily, ClassConnect doesn’t feel like something I need on top of that. But it does get me excited for all the options that are making their way out there for teachers. As I’ve said before, when students see the same thing all the time, it just begins to look like school to them, and they lose that engagement. More importantly, different teachers have different needs…and different tastes. If I didn’t like the way Edmodo looked and felt I wouldn’t want to keep it updated. I’m sure some teachers will love the Dropbox-y feel of ClassConnect.


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