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Using Diigo, finally

Diigo is another one of those tools that has been around a while but that I never really got into the habit of using. Lately, though, I’ve been finding it so handy.

It’s basically a social bookmarking site, but the highlighting and sticky note feature make it especially useful in the classroom. I pulled up Edgar Allan Poe’s Wikipedia page today before reading “Cask of Amontillado” with my 9th graders. I used Diigo’s highlighter tool while skimming the article for key info with the kids. The next time I pull that page up through my Diigo bookmarks, I can click the Diigo icon in my toolbar to reveal the highlights I’ve already made. 

I use this Chrome extension.

I’ve also been collecting articles and photo galleries on the Occupy Wall Street protests, since I know I’ll be introducing Marxist Criticism to my seniors soon.

I can open each of these pages in my browser before class starts and be ready to go. I love how, with the toolbar extension, collecting these resources can be such a natural part of my everyday web-reading. It really only takes about five seconds to make the boomark, select the tags, and maybe write a quick note about it. It’s what I’m always looking for with web 2.0 tools: something that subtracts steps in the process of incorporating technology into my teaching and doesn’t add any.


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