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Something for the math and science teachers (for now)

I came across Gooru today (via Edsurge) and got really excited about it. It’s a new non-profit that has built a library of “classplans.” They call them playlists of curated (and standards-aligned!) curriculum that teachers can search, copy, edit, and use in the classroom. There’s a nifty note-taking feature for resources you find on your own. There’s a smooth looking drag-and-drop interface for organizing the classplans. The overall interface, too, is meant to look like an interactive whiteboard, not a browser. Seems like there’s a chat feature, too.

Here’s their introductory video:

I am so in love with this idea. How many times have I searched for some sort of web resource to give a visual or video element to a lesson, spent way too much time searching, and then ended up making up something else from scratch? It looks like the whole idea behind Gooru is to cut down on that time wasting and wheel re-inventing, and that potential is exactly what is so appealing to me about education technology. It looks like it’s also banking on teachers submitting their own content to add to the database, and we’ve seen that teachers will do that (seeĀ BetterLesson).

So I requested my invitation, excitedly registered, then saw that it’s only math and science curriculum right now. So, math and science teachers, enjoy!


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